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Naples, Mangi e Bevi: anti-crisis Gigino Grasso's cuisine



Gigino Grasso

This autenthic Neapolitan trattoria is carachterized by relationship between quality and price.

About twenty years ago Gigino Grasso turned his father's business into a trattoria offering traditional cuisine.

The old sign of 1965, “Vini, Oli e Cibi Cotti" is a proof of the pasta. Now this is a landmark for university teachers and students and professional men who work in the area of Piazza Borsa.

A the entrance there are two huge barrels for the sale of draught wine (above all Solopaca and San Severo). the room includes about twelve tables and fifty seats. This is authentic plain cooking. There are always two or three first courses: penne pasta with tomatoes, linguine alla puttanesca, mixed pasta with zucchini, with potatoes, with provola cheese and cawliflower or with chickpeas: good and thick pasta soups as the Neapolitans like. There is also vegetable soup and rice timbale.

Mangia e Bevi, linguine alla puttanesca

Mangia e Bevi, rice timbale

Mangia e Bevi, mixed pasta with chickpeas

There are fish and meat main dishes, they depend on the availability of the products at market. You can find fried or marinated anchovies, grilled tuna, octopus or dried cod salad, beef stew with peas, sausages with broccoli, tripe, meatballs with tomato sauce or the ones filled with provola cheese (they are delicious!).

Mangia e Bevi, fried meatballs filled with provola cheese

Mangi e Bevi: meatballs with tomato sauce

Mangi e Bevi, fried ray

Mangia e Bevi, very good bread

Regarding the side dishes they propose zucchini gratin without tomato sauce, roasted or fried homemade potatoes, aubergines with tomato sauce, provola or mozzarella rolls and delicious potato croquettes. Besides you will find broccoli with oil, garlic and chilli. The dishes are simple and they are carachterized by recognizable tastes.

Mangia e Bevi, aubergine rolls

Mangia e Bevi, broccoli with garlic, oil and chilli

Mangi e bevi: carrot salad (for those who are wise …)

The room is quite narrow and the service is but very quick. The queue between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., needs just five minute wait. As soon as you arrive the waiter gives you the menu. They will serve water and very good bread (the basket also contains napkins and cutlery). Here you will eat without wasting time. You will roughly spend 10 euros. Booking is unnecessary.


Via Sedile di Porto, 92
Phone +39 081.5529546
Open only at lunchtime
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays


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