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Cimitile (Na). O’ Pezzereniello



Gianfelice Gaetano with his Margherita Dop

Via Roma 72/74
Phone +39 081.5123348
Open in the evening
Closed on Mondays
Pizzas from 3 to 7 Euros

by Tommaso Esposito

This pizzeria was opened in 1957 by Felice Gaetano and his wife Carmelina.

It was a trattoria. Here you can find all the traditional dishes of the Nola area and the typical pizza of the Fifties.

Gianfelice Gaetano looking at his dad Felice's portrait

Now it is managed by Gianfelice who uses high quality products and enhances the popular origins.

He renovated the place which includes many frescos on the vault. They remind us of Pulcinella.

the vault

There are also symbols of the Neapolitan life and culture: framed Lavezzi's T-shirt, the scarf of the Naples football club and Maradona's pictures.

the oven

The oven is capacious and it works at the highest heat in order to obtain a good leavening of the dough which is light.

The ingredients and the greens are good and local, here there are many producers of the Slow Food Presidia.

You can enjoy them above all on Ortolana.



Margherita with buffalo mozzarella is delicious and also the one with fresh piennolo tomatoes and mozzarella is wonderful.

Bufala Dop pizza

Bufala Dop pizza

Gianfelice Gaetano and the pizza Margherita with buffalo mozzarella and fresh tomatoes

Pizza Margherita with buffalo mozzarella and fresh tomatoes

The service is friendly and youthful.

The menu includes many beers and some Campanian wines.

Gianfelice is an acrobatic pizza making champion and you may see him making some acrobatics behind the counter.


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