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Pasta with broad beans


    Those who live in Southern Italy and love good food have an extraordinary privilege. Here in fact there are low cost high quality raw materials which can be cooked and enjoyed with friends.

Francesco Mondelli picked fresh broad beans.

I had pasta produced by Leonessa and fennel, mint and wild chicory in the garden. So I decided to prepare it with extra virgin olive oil and 10 year mature cheese.

We enjoyed this dish on Easter Monday with a very good Verdicchio 2009, one of the few white grape wines which doesn't make us regret the Campanian white wines.


Verdicchio Vigna Novali Moncaro

It takes just ten minutes to prepare this simple and corroborating dish.

by Francesco Mondelli

Ingredienti Ingredients for 15 people

300 g fresh broad beans

500 g pasta

4 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil

1 onion

chicory or fennel or mint

Preparazione Directions

While the pasta is cooking blanch the broad beans.

Cut the onion finely and brown it in the oil.

Add the broad beans.

Add the pasta and the chicory.

Sauté in the pan.

Turn the cooker off and sprinkle with provolone del Monaco cheese or another kind of mature cheese.


Wine pairing: Vigna Novali Verdicchio classico 2009 produced by Moncaro


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