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Linguini with tuna and red lettuce

Linguine al tonno e radicchio

This is one of the several versions of pasta with tuna. It is a quick and satisfying recipe. All those students who study far from home know that tuna in oil and peeled tomatoes are the perfect combination for a quick and cheap dish. In this case the key ingredient is red lettuce.

Ingredienti Ingredients for 2 people

200 g linguini

200 g tuna from Cetara, without oil 

4/5 leaves of red lettuce (the one from Treviso if it is possible)

1 small onion

4 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil

2 anchovies

salt and pepper to taste

a little white wine

Preparazione Directions

Bring the water to a boil. In the meantime brown an onion chopped into very thin rings in a capacious and high pan. Add the tuna cut into big pieces and the red lettuce leaves cut into wide stripes. Leave it to gain flavour for about two minutes on a high heat. Add two anchovy fillets and a little salted water. Add a little white wine to taste, turn up the heat and let evaporate for two minutes. Strain the pasta slightly underdone and mix it to the sauce. Sprinkle with pepper and serve hot.

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