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Sandwich with aubergines, peppers, cucumbers, radish ice-cream and beet



Here is the recipe of a summer sandwich by Ernesto Iaccarino.

It has been reported by Marina Alaimo

Ingredienti Ingredients

Sandwich bread



fresh tomatoes

extra virgin olive oil to taste

peanut seed oil to taste


radish ice-cream

vanilla citronette

ricotta with scents of basil


salt to taste

Preparazione Directions

Cut the aubergines into cubes about 3-5 centimetres thick. Fry in plenty of extra virgin olive oil at 180C. Cut the fresh tomatoes into four slices and cook in the pan with extra virgin olive oil. Add the fried aubergines and cook. Finally add the basil cut julienne. Add salt. Cook the peppers for 45 minutes at 230C covered with tinfoil.

Then filter the pepper water, remove the peel and the seeds. Put the pepper between two sheets of silver paper and beat it until you make it 3 millimetres thick.

Make a bed of cucumbers cut into thin slices, add a slice of bread and cover with the aubergines and the pepper. Garnish with vanilla citronette, radish ice-cream, beet and ricotta with scents of basil.

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