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Ciciri e tria


  Ciciri e tria

This is a typical recipe from Salento, an area of Apulia.

It can be enjoyed in summer as well as in winter.

This kind of pasta is similar to noodles made with soft wheat flour and hard wheat bran or burn wheat flour and bran.

Ciciri e tria con sagna di grano arso

Ciciri e tria la sagna fritta

Ingredienti Ingredients for 4 people

Soft wheat flour or burnt wheat

200 g hard wheat bran

300 g chickpeas

1 onion

1 clove of garlic


2 laurel leaves

3 cherry tomatoes

parsley to taste

80 g extra virgin olive oil

salt to taste

pepper or chilli to taste

Preparazione Directions

Mix the bran with the flour and slightly salted water until you obtain a smooth mixture. Let rest for at least one hour in a plastic sheet.

with a rolling pin and make the noodles 15 cm long and 1 cm wide.

Cook the chickpeas for at least 3 hours on a low heat with plenty of water and the laurel, the celery, half an onion and the garlic.

Brown a part of the noodles in boiling water and put them on blotting paper.

Cook the remaining pasta in plenty of salted water.

Put the pureed chickpeas, the oil and the fried noodles in a soup tureen. Mix and let rest. Serve with chopped parsley and pepper.


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