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> Farmhouse recipes (17)

» Asparagus, clematis and artichoke omelet
» Borage in batter | Giovanna Voria's Corbella
» Buffalo meat with apple mostarda and balsamic vinegar from Modena
» Chicory and meatballs in the Cilento style | Corbella farmhouse
» Cicerale chickpea fritters | Corbella farmhouse, Cilento
» Cooked bread with leeks | Corbella farmhouse
» Crouton with Mediterranean herbs and goat cheese | Corbella's farmhouse
» Da Baffone's country savoury cake
» Da Baffone's orecchiette pasta with broccoli and sausages
» Dino De Bellis' polenta and chicken livers
» Lagane with chickpeas, the version with "provola" cheese|Corbella farmhouse
» Mediterranean salad|Corbella farmhouse
» Pasta with onion sauce and flakes of provolone del monaco cheese | The farmhouse recipes: Terra di Vento
» Pastiera | Farmhouse recipes: Terra di Vento
» Potatoes with wild oregano|Corbella farmhouse
» Turnips and potatoes
» Wild boar with myrtle|Corbella farmhouse