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Rice with scampi, lemon, rosemary and capers


The recipe of this first course is by Andrea Aprea of Vun Restaurant in Milan. It has been reported by Albert Sapere.

Ingredienti Ingredients for 4 people

360 g Acquerello rice 8 g shallot, chopped 20 centilitre white wine Scampi broth to taste 250 g lemon pulp Lemon juice to taste Chopped rosemary to taste Oil to taste Salt to taste Pepper to taste 30 g butter 60 g Parmesan cheese 400 g raw scampi 400 g 'Pane' lemons 1300 g water 50 g sugar FOR THE LEMON PULP 150 g lemon white pulp 50 g liquid cream 20 g lemon juice 30 g butter 10 g sugar FOR THE LEMON SAUCE 175 g lemon peels 110 g water 100 g oil Salt to taste Pepper to taste Lemon drops to taste 40 g sugar FOR THE FRIED CAPERS 40 g capers in salt 200 g seed oil for frying 15 g fresh rosemary FOR THE SCAMPI BROTH 1 kg scampi heads 100 g leek 100 g celery 100 g white onion 100 g fennel 4 l water parsley and white pepper 5 cloves of garlic 1 lemon 20 g dill

Preparazione Directions

Peel the lemons and obtain the yellow par. Cut them into four pieces. Soak the lemon pulp in boiling water for a few minutes, strain and let cool in cold water. Repeat for at least 8 times (change the water each time to remove the bitter taste of lemon). Then cook in slightly sugared water for 18-20 minutes. Strain and put aside. This is the "lemon white pulp".
Put it in a thermomix at 80C, add the sugar and the lemon juice. Add the warm cream and the butter. The consistency has to be the one of mashed potatoes.
Keep aside.
Put the lemon peels in water 6 times to make them white. Mix all the ingredients in a food processor and sift. The mixture has to be smooth and creamy.
Remove the salt, bring the oil to 180C and fry them. Put them on blotting paper and keep aside.
Clean the rosemary and chop it. Put aside.
Put all the ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Add the spices and simmer for 20 minutes. Filter and let cool.
Brown the shallot for a few seconds in a copper saucepan, add the rice with a little salt and toast well. Add the white wine and cook with the scampi broth for 13 minutes. Mix the rice with the lemon sauce, the butter, the Parmesan cheese, the sal, the pepper, the lemon juice and the chopped rosemary.
Garnish with the lemon sauce in the shape of a spiral, the scampi tartars, the fried capers and the rosemary flowers and serve.

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