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Chiochiari peppers with oregano and vinegar




by Tommaso Esposito

'Chiochiaro' means pepper in the Neapolitan dialect as indicated in D'Ambra Vocabulary of the half of the nineteenth century.


But this word can't be found in Federico Gusumpaur's vocabulary.

'chiochiari' peppers

Yet those who know the typical products from Campania remember them.

They aren't cultivated anymore.

They are smaller than the yellow ones which are grilled and stuffed.

Red 'chiochiaro' pepper

Yellow 'chiochiaro' pepper

Red 'chiochiaro' pepper

They are preserved in vinegar and they are succulent and firm.

These ones are from Marco Petrella's vegetable garden located in Acerra.

Marco Petrella

Marco Petrella in his kitchen garden and the tomatoes

Marco Petrella in his vegetable garden


by Tommaso Esposito Ingredienti

Ingredients for 4 people

6 'chiochiaro' peppers, yellow and red

50 g round olives from Spain

50 g olives from Gaeta

20 g capers from Pantelleria, without salt

100 g breadcrumbs, stale

Extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic, oregano to taste

Preparazione Directions

Grill the peppers.

Put them in a container and close it. Cut them into thin stripes and put them in a bowl.

Season with extra virgin olive oil, olives, capers, garlic and organo. Add salt.

Pour a trickle of oil in a non stick pan and put the peppers in it.

Cover with breadcrumbs.

Add a trickle of oil and vinegar.

Put the lid on.

Cook on a high heat for about ten minutes and then le rest.

Taste them slightly warm, they are delicious.

Try and...use high quality peppers.


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