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How to make mutton ham


Spicing the legs

by Lello Tornatore


A leg of mutton, 1 kg table salt, 100 g juniper berries, 20 laurel leaves, 150 g black pepper (freshly ground), 100 g wild fennel


I have been producing salamis for a few years as I breed pigs, calves, rabbits and sheep on my farm. So I had the idea of salting a leg of mutton. At the beginning I didn't know how much time the leg had to be in salt as it is smaller than the pig's one.

Salting the legs

However, after many  tests, I got a good result. The leg weighed 8-10 kilograms so I realized that it has to be left to gain flavour in salt 5-7 days. Of course mix salt with laurel, juniper berries, rosemary and wild fennel. Then add the Fiano di Avellino DOCG wine and then black pepper and thyme. After 4 months you will enjoy mutton and spice scents which give it a unique taste. This meat can be paired with the Vigna Vinieri 2003 wine produced by Montesole or the Taurasi 2007 wine produced by Tecce which was kindly offered by David Barrygreen together with the Kupra 2008 wine produced by Oasi degli Angeli.

Tenuta Montelaura

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