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Naples, Pizzeria Pellone since 1960


Pizzeria Pellone: two of the De Luca brothers, Franco and Mimmo - picture by Monica Piscitelli

by Monica Piscitelli

In the Nineties the De Luca brothers took the place of their uncle Vincenzo Pellone in the management of this pizzeria. Today the pizzeria Pellone in Nazionale street is a landmark for those who love high quality traditional pizzas, above all the fried ones.

Mimmo De Luca, the owner with the brothers Franco and Antimo, told me that it is possible to find pizza Margherita and other kinds of pizza in other cities but fried pizza is typical Neapolitan and represents the authentic tradition. This pizzeria is located in the Vasto neighbourhood.

Nazionale square on the corner of Nazionale street - picture by m.p.

This pizzeria was opened in 1960, maybe after the renovation of an old cellar with kitchen by Vincenzo, Concetta's brother (Concetta, brothers De Luca's mum). It was a simple pizzeria. Then the De Luca brothers Franco and Antimo made it renowned out of Naples and indicated in many specialized guides. They started to work here when they were young, in the Eighties. They were in the room, prepared the pizzas and attended the administration. Mimmo worked as a chef in Tuscany. Their uncle died and the De Luca brothers decided to accept the management.

The entrance on Nazionale street - picture by m.p.

Mimmo was involved in this job but he didn't want to be a pizza maker. When he worked as a chef he noticed that pizza makers didn't want to improve the product and propose new ingredients which could be even more expensive but of higher quality.

The interior - picture by m.p.

So Mimmo decided to devote hismelf to the selection of the ingredients. This pizzeria includes 120 seats, two ovens, cold stores and spaces where they knead the pizza dough, prepare riso and pasta dishes and fry potatoes.

Franco De Luca while serving a pizza Margherita to a client - picture by m.p.

Also thanks to Mimmo, Franco and Antimo the pizzeria Pellone became successful beginning from the half of the Nineties.

Mimmo De Luca while preparing a fried pizza - picture by m.p.

There are four pizza makers. On Saturdays also Mimmo prepares the pizzas as it is crowded. This pizza leavens for about 8 hours. People from all over Naples come here and all the clients are always satisfied and happy.

These pizzas are really big, they are prepared with a big loaf (more than 300 grams, pizza makers usually use a 250 gram loaf).

The stuffing of the fried pizza including two "Piennolo" tomatoes - picture by m.p.

The fried calzone is semi-lunar and is prepared with only one loaf, it is like an irresistible big smile. Here you can find traditional pizzas (Margherita, Marinara, baked calzone, Cosacca, Capricciosa, Quattro stagioni and calzone with escarole) and new pizzas prepared with the ingredients of the season. But, as Mimmo De Luca affirms, the fried food and the fried pizza prepared with ricotta, pork's scratchings, "provola" cheese and pepper are the best Pellone's products.

Pellone's Margherita - picture by m.p.

The counter is a triumph of fried calzones, omelets, potato croquettes, rice balls, Margherita pizzas and baked calzones stuffed with little tomato sauce.

Pellone's counter full of street food - picture by m.p.

Since 10 a.m. Pellone's is stormed by passers-by who eat these delicacies standing on the street. Here you will find draught German beer, a small selections of wines obtained from Campanian vines and Italian beers. A cornet of fried food, a pizza and a beer (including service) cost about 13 Euros.

Via Nazionale 93
Phone +39 081 5538614
Closed on Sundays

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