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Pizzeria Da Michele: Margherita or Marinara since 1870


The Condurro team with Julia Roberts (on the right Michele Condurro)

by Monica Piscitelli

When you visit a pizzeria like this you make a journey through the past and Italian customs. Pizza has become the symbol of Italy and a powerful antidote against depression and tiredness which are typical of modern life.

Julia Roberts, the leading actress of the film "Mangia, Prega e Ama", played the role of a woman who found happiness in Italy and East eating pasta and pizzas.

Salvatore Condurro belongs to five genarations of pizza makers, since 1870.

In the middle Michele Condurro between his son Salvatore (on the left) and his brother Antonio

Francesco Condurro, who is a "professional accountant-pizza maker", told me the story of the pizzeria "Da Michele". This pizzeria was opened by his great-grandfather. Now he is the member of an unlimited company with his brothers Michele, Antonio and Sergio, his uncle Antonio and his cousins. He attends to administration and public relations. He also takes delight in carrying out historical researches about his family and pizza.

The sign: "There aren't branches".

Maybe this pizzeria, which was opposite the place where is located today, existed back in 1836 when a pizza maker whose name was Condurro prepared a pizza "Cosacca" (with garlic, oregano, tomato sauce and "fiordilatte" cheese) for tzar Nicholas who was undertaking a mission in Naples.

The Forcella neighbourhood, within a stone's throw from the Pizzeria Da Michele

Then his son Michele started to manage it. Here you can choose between Marinara and Margherita and, regarding the drinks, there are Italian beers. This pizzeria is composed of two rooms with a white and green tiled floor which include about sixty seats. As soon as you arrive the waiter gives you a fork, a knife and a paper serviette.

The interior

Here the pizza is a thin disk with a light border. On the walls there are Neapolitan pomes and pictures portraying the members of the family.

Michele Condurro in a picture of the beginnning of the twentieth century

There are pictures portraying Salvatore who opened the pizzeria, his son Michele, Michele's wife, Carmela, and their children who have helped in the management: Salvatore who succeeded him when he died in 1959 and children and who make the pizzas and manage the pizzeria with their uncles Antonio and Luigi.

The pizza Margherita

The pizzas are made by four or five of them. They are made with mother yeast and the taste is still the one of the past. They prepare about a thousand pizzas a day nonstop, from 9:00 a.m. to midnight.

You will spend 6 Euros for a pizza and an Italian beer. The service is free and reminds that in the past people ate pizzas to feed themselves on benches in the street.

The entrance

L’Antica Pizzeria srl Da Michele
Via Cesare Sersale, 1/3 Naples
Phone +39 081 5539204 –
Closed on Sundays

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