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Teggiano, Cilento. La Romantica


Via Valle Cupa

Phone: +39 0975 73549 and +39 0975 79997

Closed on Tuesdays. Holidays in November

The local clients love the seafood dishes of this restaurant and, in fact, the fishermen from Sapri are one hour away by car. Whereas we prefer it for all the rest. The exit is Sala Consilina: the restaurant, where in winter you can have your meal indoors in a spacious room whereas in summer outdoors among the trees, is at the foot of the elegant and austere Teggiano, which is one of the finest historical centres in Campania and a See, too. On the menu there are the typical starters of the Vallo di Diano like chickpea salad, tripe with peppers, small fried peppers, bean soup, kid’s or lamb’s sweetbreads, roast aubergines, stuffed peppers, fresh “caciotta”, home-made salamis, marinated zucchini, roasted onions, sautéed endive and much more according to the seasons and Paolo Di Candia’s fancy, the owner and the chef who manages the restaurant with his wife and his daughter. You will find high-quality raw materials as shown by the traditional fresh ricotta-filled raviolo from Teggiano, as large as the dish, served with wild boar or pork “ragù” sauce. It’s impossible to decide whether the sheet of pasta dough, the stuffing or the whole raviolo is better. Regarding first courses you can also taste the “fusilli”. In the Vallo di Diano these seem to be broken “bucatini”. The meat dishes are very good: you can find the tender stewed wild boar (this is a widespread animal in the Cilento National Park which causes the despair of peasants and the joy of gourmets) or the excellent grilled or roasted kid served with potatoes and onions which is worthy of stopping. The fries aren’t frozen. The salads and the tomatoes are from the vegetable garden. You can finish your meal with the pecorino cheese or a hand-made dessert. Regarding wine we recommend the Aglianico del Vulture. This restaurant has been opened for ten years and I have been visiting it for ten years with Geppino D’Amico, Rocco Colombo, Pierino Cusati, Angelo Palladino and we have always enjoyed our lunches and dinners very much.

Dear Luciano, on Sunday 4 March 2007, I went to Padula and Teggiano by a tour bus with a group of 32 people. After visiting the wonderful Charterhouse of San Lorenzo, we stopped at the restaurant “La Romantica” in Teggiano. As I was the organizer of the trip I had to choose the restaurant and so I chose this one, following your advice and your review. As the month before I personally went to test it, I was sure that “La Romantica” was a very good restaurant. But as in our group there was quite a large number of people I was afraid that the service would not be very attentive, also if I knew that usually the quality of the service and of the food was good anyway. Instead I must confess that my friends were very impressed by “La Romantica” which, of course, confirmed your very professional review. We enjoyed the starters, “fusilli” with wild boar “ragù” sauce and wonderful big ravioli from Teggiano, superb meat main dishes like grilled wild boar, lamb or veal, the delicious fruit salad with ice-cream, the very good final “bicchinotto” and the excellent home-made wine. In short, it was a good food experience at last and it delighted all friends of mine. Thank you for your precious advice. Go on like this. Best regards.

Pasquale Nusco - Naples

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